Our new standard in home security panels is a very easy to use, high tech home security/home comfort interactive system. The 7” touchscreen panel is very attractive and is able to control a variety of home security/home comfort functions through one keypad and/or a number of remote devices. System features include remote access through iphones, laptops and ipads, monitoring over landline, cable, cellular or a combination, and remote control of all system functions including, security devices, arming or disarming, video cameras, appliance control, lighting control, thermostat control, unlocking of specific doors, etc. Note: some of the features listed may require additional hardware and/or monitoring fees to be charged separately.

Featuring Intelligent Home
IQ Panel
Advisor Panel
Simon XTI
DSC PK5501


Carleton Security provides LOCAL 24/7 monitoring by trained professionals. The monitoring of customers accounts can be done through a variety of transmission modes including standard landlines, cable and cellular networks.


The closed circuit television market has a vast variety of manufacturers and suppliers. The security professionals at Carleton Security will evaluate each customers individuals needs and budget and customize a proper system based on these requirements.

Personal FOBs

Our remote hand held fobs can be used in a variety of functions including medical emergency, police panic, arming and disarming the security system and even garage door operation.

Home Safety detectors

The components of any security system are simple, and when combined together can form very elaborate or very simple anti theft deterants.

These devices include: